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Our Civil and Military Library is ideal for professionals who require diverse information on the global markets for Aviation Systems (both civil and military), Military Electronics, Naval Systems, Power Systems, Space Systems, and Weapons Systems. The International Military Markets services included within this library broaden this product's global outlook by presenting data on the defense budgets of nations throughout the world, supplemented by information on procurement opportunities.

The Market Intelligence Services that comprise this library come complete with:
  • Thousands of individual reports.
  • 10-year unit production and funding forecasts.
  • Market Segment Analyses that explore the competitive dynamics of individual market segments.
  • Appendices with complementary data.
  • Statistical & graphical MS Excel Workbook presentations.
  • EMarket Alert newsletters.
  • Historical report archives.
  • A Query service that enables clients to speak with our Analysts.
Report features vary by service. See individual product descriptions for full details.

The services featured in this library are available in the following formats. Note that some services are available in multiple formats, while others are strictly online products.

See details in the table below.

Civil & Military Library





Airborne Electronics Forecast
Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Forecast
AN Equipment Forecast  
Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast
Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast
Civil Aircraft Forecast
C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence Forecast
Defense & Aerospace Companies Volume I  
Defense & Aerospace Companies Volume II  
Electronic Systems Forecast
Electronic Warfare Forecast
Electro-Optical Systems Forecast
FAA Aircraft Registration Database      
Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam)
International Contractors      
International Defense Budgets      
International Military Markets - Asia, Australia, Pacific Rim  
International Military Markets - Eurasia  
International Military Markets - Europe  
International Military Markets - Latin America & Caribbean  
International Military Markets - Middle East & Africa  
International Military Markets - North America  
Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast
Military Aircraft Forecast
Military Force Structures of the World  
Military Vehicles Forecast
Missile Forecast
Ordnance & Munitions Forecast
Radar Forecast
Rotorcraft Forecast
Space Systems Forecast - Launch Vehicles & Manned Platforms
Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Airborne Systems
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Land & Sea Systems
U.S. Defense Budget Forecast      
Warships Forecast
TOTAL 22 36 32 32

We offer corporate and worldwide enterprise licenses ranging from single, identified user(s) via email address and password to unlimited worldwide corporate utilization via an exclusive Web portal. Each price includes a pre-discount. For further details, please contact the Sales Department at (203) 426-0800 or

Our Market Intelligence Services Guide Your Decision-Making by Providing:
  • In-depth overviews of principal market motivators and constraints.
  • Coverage of the competitive landscape, coupled with strategic insights.
  • News on recent developments and on the challenges facing individual industries.
  • Regional highlights.

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