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Two Market Intelligence products provide 10- or 15-year unit and value production forecasts. Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast covers the world's major civil and military aircraft engines, including turbofans, turboshafts, turboprops, turbojets, and auxiliary power units. Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast covers the global market for mechanical drive engines, microturbines, electrical power generation engines, marine engines, and steam turbines for combined-cycle installation. These products provide complete coverage of the major players and market trends, plus Market Segment Analyses detailing the top programs in each segment. We also offer online database products detailing the worldwide inventories of commercial and military aircraft and engines and a unique online database of installed industrial & marine turbine engines.
Forecast International's market research reports set the industry standard for accurate research, analysis, and projections. These services present a concise analysis of individual programs and their relationship to the respective market sectors. Each service includes in-depth program reviews, detailed statistics, recent developments and a competitive analysis, culminating in a 10 to 15 year production forecast — a key to mastering your particular market and unlocking its growth potential.

Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast

The Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast covers the world's major civil and military aircraft engines, including turbofans, turboshafts, and turboprops. It also covers the worldwide markets for auxiliary power units and turbojets. Our engine forecasts are driven by the company's forecasts for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft programs. Among the programs covered are the Arriel, the F135, the GE90, the GEnx, the HTF7000, the LEAP, the Model 36, the PT6A, the PW1000G, and the Trent.

Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam)

The Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam) covers turbines ranging from 100 kW to 750 MW in power. Each report comes complete with tech data, prime and affiliated contractor listings, descriptions of engine variants, and news on notable contracts. Covers leading programs such as the LM2500, the GE Model 9000, the Mitsubishi 501/701, the Rolls-Royce MT30, the Solar Titan, the Rolls-Royce MT7, and the Siemens SGT-8000H/SGT6-8000H, SGT400, and SGT800. Also features reports on Capstone microturbines.

Power Systems Group Library

An annual subscription to this group library comes complete 140+ individual reports, 10 Market Segment Analyses, 2 Excel spreadsheets containing unit and value production data, and 15 appendices.

Need analysis of only a single segment? Take a look at the individual Market Segment Analyses. These reports - which are included in the respective Market Intelligence Systems products - offer expert analysis of niche segments at economical prices.

These comprehensive database and inventory products are available in searchable online format. Customized data runs are also available upon request.