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Advanced technologies and new operational concepts will drive procurement in the warships market. The Warships Forecast covers the key submarine, aircraft carrier, surface combatant, amphibious warfare, and underway replenishment programs that will dominate the warship industry over the next decade and beyond. It details the market impact of numerous key programs, including the Franco-Italian FREMM class frigate, the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier, and the SSN-774 Virginia class submarine. Each report contains a full design history of the ship, an extensive list of major contractors and subcomponent suppliers, and a wealth of information on the ship's performance and operational capabilities. This service also contains reports covering key naval weapons, manned surface and subsurface vehicles, and the marine gas turbine engines that power today's warships.

An annual subscription includes 70+ individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast. Product comes complete with four Market Segment Analyses covering the markets for:

Naval Surface Combatants
Gas Turbine Marine Engines
Aircraft Carriers and Amphibious Warfare Ships

Also included are nine appendices, including consolidated production statistics, an overview of surface warfare and undersea warfare that presents a closer and more detailed look at the technologies and developments in these key operational environments, a listing of U.S. Navy ships currently in construction, and other pertinent complementary data.

Key Findings:
  • 2019-2032 unit production is forecast be approximately 631 maritime vessels, valued at $574.8 billion.
  • In terms of submarine unit production, China Shipbuilding, DCNS, Electric Boat, Rubin Central Design, and Huntington Ingalls are the leading producers .
Warships Forecast Guides Your Decision-Making by Providing:
  • In-depth overviews of principal market motivators and constraints.
  • Coverage of the competitive landscape, coupled with strategic insights.
  • News on recent developments and on the challenges facing the industry.

A key-word search online product that provides detailed 10-year forecast data. Individual reports, analyses, and appendices are updated at least once each calendar year. As an added benefit, interim update reports are issued to inform clients of breaking system or program news. Global access is via email address and password, licensed to one authorized user, as identified on the original invoice of the sale. Multi-site, multi-user licensing is available. Online products are sold on the basis of a licensed operating period.

Platinum Forecast System 4.0 is an online database that provides instant delivery of detailed data comprising 15 years of forecast data and 10 years of historical data. Clients can custom-tailor their queries by data field, including Date Range, Platform Category, System Data Type, Category of Use, Worldwide Geography, Company, and Currencies, among others.Global access is via email address and password, licensed to one authorized user. Multi-site, multi-user licensing is available. Platinum is sold on the basis of a licensed operating period.

This is by far the most cost effective option.
Quarterly updated disks offer rapid and accurate searches to easily extract the information and data required. This format is sold on the basis of a licensed operating period, with each quarterly disk time-dated. Each disk is licensed to one authorized user, as identified on the original invoice of the sale.
Monthly supplements of reports in hard copy are provided during the annual subscription period. Subscription includes a quarterly book disk containing 10-year unit and value of production forecast statistics in Excel format

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