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Our Aerospace Systems Market Intelligence Services provide 10- or 15-year unit and value production forecasts for worldwide civil and military aircraft, both fixed- and rotary-wing, plus the outlook for airborne R&M. The services provide complete coverage of the major players and market trends, plus Market Segment Analyses detailing the top programs in each segment. We also offer online database products detailing the worldwide inventories of commercial and military aircraft and engines.
Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Forecast

This product provides comprehensive coverage of cargo conversions, re-engining programs, service-life extensions, fleet-wide electronics retrofits, digital cockpit upgrades, and the installa ...Read More

Civil Aircraft Forecast

Our Civil Aircraft Forecast covers the rivalry between Airbus and Boeing in the large airliner sector; the emergence of new players in the regional aircraft segment looking to compete with B ...Read More

Military Aircraft Forecast

Military Aircraft Forecast reports on fixed-wing military aircraft of all types – fighters, military transports, military trainers, and special mission aircraft – worldwide. Full coverage of ...Read More

Rotorcraft Forecast

Rotorcraft Forecast provides complete coverage of the worldwide rotorcraft market, ranging from two-seat pistons such as the Robinson R22 up to giant turbine helicopters such as the Mil Mi-2 ...Read More

The Market for Civil Fixed Wing Aircraft Retrofit & Modernization

This market covers a plethora of platforms, from very light general aviation aircraft flown by a single individual for sport, to business jets operated by companies, to widebody airliners. ...Read More

The Market for Rotorcraft Retrofit & Modernization

This analysis seeks to identify areas of opportunity in the coming 10-year period, with particular attention paid to the most promising programs within the rotorcraft R&M market. In general ...Read More

The Market for Business Jet Aircraft

Presented within this market study is a year-by-year production forecast of business jet aircraft currently in production or expected to enter production within the next 10 years. These ...Read More

The Market for Fighter Aircraft

Although many countries are cutting their defense budgets, the outlook for fighters remains stable.  Worldwide, industrialized nations are currently in the process of a major re-equ ...Read More

The Market for General Aviation/Utility Aircraft

This analysis covers general aviation/utility aircraft but does not include ultralights, experimental aircraft, and powered gliders; nor does it cover the new Light Sport Aircraft catego ...Read More

The Market for Large Commercial Jet Transports

Fourteen families of large commercial jet transports are forecast in this study. These 14 families account for nearly 30 individual aircraft models. The aircraft production forecasts for ...Read More

The Market for Light Commercial Rotorcraft

The civil rotary-wing aircraft market is highly competitive, with manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic battling for market share. Forecast International defines the light commerci ...Read More

The Market for Light Military Rotorcraft

Annual military rotorcraft production is projected to increase in concert with significant new production in the United States and Europe.  The light military class includes a wide ...Read More

The Market for Medium/Heavy Commercial Rotorcraft

Forecast International defines the medium/heavy commercial rotorcraft market segment to include those rotorcraft with maximum takeoff weights of more than 6,804 kilograms (15,000 lb). Ro ...Read More

The Market for Medium/Heavy Military Rotorcraft

Forecast International generally defines a medium/heavy rotorcraft as having a maximum gross weight greater than or equal to 6,804 kilograms (15,000 lb). Rotorcraft with a gross weight o ...Read More

The Market for Military Fixed Wing Aircraft Retrofit & Modernization

This analysis seeks to identify areas of opportunity in the coming 10-year period, with particular attention paid to the most promising programs within the fixed-wing military aircraft R&M m ...Read More

The Market for Military Fixed-Wing Trainer Aircraft

This analysis covers active programs within the fixed-wing military training market, including aircraft powered by jet, turboprop, and piston engines. Note that several aircraft that are ...Read More

The Market for Military Transport Aircraft

Forecast International defines the market for military transports to include aircraft that perform one or more military air transportation missions such as personnel transport, long-rang ...Read More

The Market for Regional Transport Aircraft

Demand for regional transports continues to shift upward in favor of ever-larger-capacity aircraft, with demand now centering on 90+ passenger aircraft.  In order to facilitate prod ...Read More

The Market for Special Mission Military Aircraft

The special mission aircraft is a diverse segment of the military aircraft market and is essentially a collection of individual markets.  Special mission aircraft are generally desi ...Read More

Commercial Aircraft/Engine Inventories

This comprehensive database pinpoints quantities and types of over 65,350 commercial fixed-wing aircraft, including engine data for approximately 137,300 engines worldwide, by operator/ ...Read More

Complete Aircraft/Engine Inventories (Commercial & Military)

A detailed listing of over 134,000 commercial and military aircraft, including data for approximately 259,300 engines worldwide. This authoritative source provides vital aftermarket inf ...Read More

Complete FAA Civil Aircraft Registration Database

Clients will have access to the FAA Aircraft Registration Database for one year and can run his own customized queries and downloads of active U.S. registrations. ...Read More

Military Aircraft/Engine Inventories

This authoritative source provides a detailed listing about 68,750 fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including data for approximately 122,000 major engine designations, by country and bra ...Read More



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