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Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast

Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast, authored by Douglas Royce, covers the world's major civil and military aircraft engines, including turbofans, turboshafts, and turboprops. It also covers the worldwide markets for auxiliary power units and turbojets. Our engine forecasts are driven by the company's forecasts for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft programs. Among the programs covered are the Arriel, the F135, the GE90, the GEnx, the HTF7000, the LEAP, the Model 36, the PT6A, the PW1000G, and the Trent.

An annual subscription includes 80+ individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast. Product comes complete with five Market Segment Analyses covering the markets for:

Also included are seven appendices providing consolidated production statistics, a table providing 10 years of aviation gas turbine historical production, and other pertinent complementary data.

A key part of each subscription is a custom-tailored EMarket Alert newsletter providing the latest news on your market of interest. A sampling of featured articles is sent twice weekly to your email address. An unmatched value.

Your private "Client Query Number" allows immediate access to our Analysts via email or toll-free phone number. An essential benefit when you need additional information or clarification.


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