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AN Equipment Forecast

This service covers a wide range of U.S. Army and Navy-sponsored land, sea, and airborne programs. Highlights include very active radar, targeting, surveillance, sonar and communications systems for major land vehicles, navy vessels, and rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Also covered are major, developing technology such as the APG-81, and APG-85 F-35 multirole radar and the Cooperative Engagement Capability program. 

An annual subscription includes over 100 individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast. Product comes complete with five appendices, including consolidated production statistics and other pertinent complementary data.

A key part of each subscription is a custom-tailored EMarket Alert newsletter providing the latest news on your market of interest. A sampling of featured articles is sent twice weekly to your email address. An unmatched value.

Your private "Client Query Number" allows immediate access to our Analysts via email or toll-free phone number. An essential benefit when you need additional information or clarification.


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