Former U.S. Air Force officer Ed Nebinger and crew.
Pilot Ed Nebinger and ground crew alongside a P-51 Mustang fighter

Forecast International Inc. (FI) is headquartered in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in the United States. The company is a premier provider of market intelligence forecasting and proprietary research and consulting services for the worldwide Aerospace, Defense, Electronics and Power Systems industries.

FI was founded in 1973 by former U.S. Air Force officer Ed Nebinger. Having spent 25 years as a career officer, Ed had a keen understanding of aviation — he piloted a P-51 Mustang over the Normandy beaches on D-Day and flew a range of supersonic fighters during his time as a test pilot. After WWII he flew a second tour of combat in Korea. His military awards include the Air Medal with 11 oak leaf clusters (2 silver, 1 bronze), the Distinguished Flying Cross with 1 oak leaf cluster, the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the Korean Service Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal.

After retiring from the Air Force, Ed worked for DMS, an aerospace and defense market intelligence company based in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was in the early 1970s that Ed elected to branch out on his own. In its early days, FI pioneered some new methods of forecasting and was the first to develop the concept that sufficient forward-looking data existed to provide rational 10-year forecasts for the aerospace and related industries.

A major step in the company's growth was taken in 1989, when Forecast International acquired the assets of DMS Inc. from its main competitor, Jane's Information Group, then headquartered in the United Kingdom. This asset, combined with several smaller acquisitions, enabled the firm to continue the development and expansion of its product line so that it soon covered the bulk of the industries producing platforms and systems within the overall Aerospace/Defense, Power Systems, and Electronics arena.

Since then, FI's analysts have compiled and evaluated historical and current data for use in generating accurate forecasts of industry products and programs, and have earned widespread recognition for unmatched service and expertise. Simply stated, the company's philosophy of operation is to make the future as predictable as possible, and to support its forecasts with relevant data as well as a forecast rationale.

At its headquarters, FI employs a staff of experienced analysts who specialize in one or more areas of the world industries covered by the company. The analysts are complemented by staff who perform various support functions. In addition, the company draws upon various offsite analysts, information providers, and independent sales representatives in key countries of the world.

A significant factor in the company's growth was the development of its Platinum Forecast System in 2007. This revolutionary system comprises a massive relational database that sits live on the Internet and enables clients to retrieve data within minutes after any of FI's analysts have posted it to the DB. The Platinum system, which is currently available in 26 modules, with more under development, produces a forecast spectrum of 25 years, comprising 10 years of historical data and 15 years of forecasts. What makes Platinum such a powerful resource is that licensed users can pose various queries and within seconds receive solutions in the form of detailed graphics, backed up by data tables and spreadsheets, as well as by relevant background reports. The Platinum Forecast System, which is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is the only one of its kind worldwide.

Acquired by GovExec in January 2022, FI remains the leader in market intelligence and industry forecasting, and its insight is frequently solicited by various media outlets.