As Lockheed hungers for F-35 sustainment deal, Pentagon says it might not happen
By: Audrey Decker
Date: 09/18/2023
Defense One
Russian Aggression Fuels European Air Defense Market
By Stew Magnuson
Date: 09/08/2023
National Defense
Rafales on the upswing? French fighter eyes additional Mideast sales
By Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo
Date: 09/07/2023
Europe’s PowerPoint panzer: Can Berlin and Paris pull off a new tank?
By Sebastian Sprenger, Vivienne Machi, Andrew Chuter and Jaroslaw Adamowski
Date: 09/07/2023
French vision for an autonomous Europe proves elusive
By Vivienne Machi, Tom Kington and Andrew Chuter
Date: 05/09/2023
Continuing our helicopter discussion
By: Marcus Weisgerber
Date: 04/24/2023
Defense One
Analysis: Planemakers talk up 'surge capacity' amid industrial woes
By: Tim Hepher and Valerie Insinna
Date: 04/19/2023
The Red Line - Fortnightly Deep Dive Podcast
East Asian Rearmament
Date: 03/05/2023
The Red Line
Turbulence Ahead: Sikorsky faces uncertain prospects after Army contract loss
By: Liese Klein
Date: 02/13/2023
The Army Picked a Black Hawk Replacement — But the Fight May Have Just Begun
By: Marcus Weisgerber
Date: 02/03/2023
Defense One
US Army Readies Ukraine Abrams Tank Options For Policymakers
By: Marcus Weisgerber
Date: 01/25/2023
Defense One
Japan unveils its biggest defence overhaul since World War II
Aline Bottin Yuka Royer, Audrey Liling
Date: 12/16/2022
France 24
With Black Hawk replacement contract gone, what's next for Sikorsky?
Alexander Soule
Date: 12/10/2022
UK refuses to make defense spending commitments amid strategy review
By: Andrew Chuter
Date: 11/17/2022
New Jet Trainer Taxiing for Low Rate Production
By: Meredith Roaten
Date: 10/24/2022
National Defense