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Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Airborne Systems

This service authored by Larry Dickerson, provides worldwide coverage of airborne unmanned vehicles, from the globe-trotting Global Hawk to the deadly Reaper, and covers the individual markets for reconnaissance UAVs and aerial targets. It also includes a section on the use of UAVs for civilian applications, ranging from environmental cleanup and forest monitoring to agricultural activity such as crop spraying and crop monitoring. Production will increase substantially over the next 10 years, with commercial systems expected to account for the lion's share.

An annual subscription includes approximately 70 individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast. Product comes complete with two Market Segment Analyses, covering the markets for:

Also included are five appendices, including consolidated production statistics and a detailed inventory of the world's unmanned airborne systems broken out by country.

A key part of each subscription is a custom-tailored EMarket Alert newsletter providing the latest news on your market of interest. A sampling of featured articles is sent twice weekly to your email address. An unmatched value.

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