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Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast

Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast provides detailed coverage of electronic warfare, communications, fire control, sonar, navigation, and radar systems in one complete volume. Ten-year production and funding forecasts are provided, along with a Forecast Rationale. Key programs include the Bowman Tactical Radio program, the Warfighter Information Network - Tactical program, and a number of programs focused on network-centric operations. Multimission communications systems are a vital component of land & sea-based electronics systems.

This comprehensive service examines the key land & sea-based electronics systems and technology development programs that will make up this highly profitable market. The 175+ reports, three Market Segment Analyses and four supporting appendices in this volume equip decision-makers with the intelligence they need to successfully compete in this lucrative market. 


PS106 $3,295.00
Platinum Forecast System® 3.1 is an online database that provides instant delivery of detailed data comprising 15 years of forecast data and 10 years of historical data. Clients can custom-tailor their queries by data field, including Date Range, Platform Category, System Data Type, Category of Use, Worldwide Geography, Company, and Currencies, among others. Unique queries produce graphics and detailed spreadsheets that provide a 25-year data spectrum of the market. Global access is via email address and password, licensed to one authorized user, as identified on the original invoice of the sale. Multi-site, multi-user licensing is available. Platinum is sold on the basis of a licensed operating period.
R106 $2,095.00
A key-word search online product that provides detailed 10-year forecast data. Individual reports, analyses, and appendices are updated at least once each calendar year. As an added benefit, interim update reports are issued to inform clients of breaking system or program news. Global access is via email address and password, licensed to one authorized user, as identified on the original invoice of the sale. Multi-site, multi-user licensing is available. Online products are sold on the basis of a licensed operating period.
C106 $2,195.00
Quarterly updated disks offer rapid and accurate searches to easily extract the information and data required. This format is sold on the basis of a licensed operating period, with each quarterly disk time-dated. Each disk is licensed to one authorized user, as identified on the original invoice of the sale.
106 $2,305.00
Monthly supplements of reports in hard copy are provided during the annual subscription period. Subscription includes a quarterly book disk containing 10-year unit and value of production forecast statistics in Excel format

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AN Equipment Forecast

The more than 110 reports in the AN Equipment Forecast cover the full range of electronics equipment being used by U.S. armed forces on land, at sea, and in the air. From the AAQ-28(V) targeting pod to the WSC-6(V) Multiband Shipboard Terminal, this service provides up-to-date market intelligence on the latest radios, jammers, countermeasures, electro-optical systems, targeting pods, radars and sonar systems being developed for and used by the U.S. military, and often employed by other militaries worldwide. Five appendices complete this volume. AN Equipment Forecast is an invalua

Airborne Electronics Forecast

The airborne electronics industry covers broad portions of the radar, communications, electro-optical and electronic warfare markets. With 140+ reports, Airborne Electronics Forecast offers the ultimate solution for clients requiring information on the full scope of this industry in one complete volume. This service covers the communications, radar, targeting, jamming, and self-protection suites that equip the various platforms in use today, or currently in development. Also included are three Market Segment Analyses covering Airborne Electro-Optical Systems, U.S. Military Airbor

C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence Forecast

Forecast International’s C4I Forecast provides the critical data needed to navigate this expansive market. From software-operated radios to systems used in network-centric operations to R&D projects – this volume’s 110+ reports cover all facets of the C4I systems that will be required by armed forces in the coming years. Two Market Segment Analyses – The Market for C4I and The Market for Multimission Communications Systems – offer a comprehensive overview of this complex market, including trend analysis, highlights, and computations of all competitors' projected market share

Electro-Optical Systems Forecast

Electro-Optical Systems Forecast provides market intelligence reports on the key U.S. and international EO technologies and R&D programs driving this market. Critical research in the next several years will lead to the development of next-generation sensors for the weapons and vehicle platforms of the future. Individual soldier systems such as night vision goggles and laser rangefinders will continue to be as important to success on the battlefield as weapons, body armor, and communications equipment. Among the airborne EO systems likely to be bought in significant numbers in the years ahead a

Electronic Systems Forecast

Electronic Systems Forecast examines the latest developments in avionics, air traffic management, C4I, electronic warfare, and other select market sectors. Featured are reports providing 10-year funding or production forecasts, plus a U.S. Defense Electronics Market Segment Analysis.

Electronic Systems Group Library

FI's eight Electronic Systems Market Intelligence Services cover the full range of defense-related systems and programs in the radar, communications, electro-optical, and electronic warfare markets, presenting a comprehensive market outlook for current equipment as well as new systems being developed as the modern battlefield moves toward a technology-based warfare approach with network-centric capabilities.

Electronic Warfare Forecast

Electronic Warfare Forecast addresses the growing worldwide interest in self-protection and early warning systems for virtually every type of military platform, both in the skies and on the surface. One significant factor of the EW market for the years ahead is the need to develop systems to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Another priority will be the RDT&E of IR/EO missile countermeasures systems to address future threats. Also covered in this service are some key radar warning receivers and electronic support measures being produced by system manufacturers worldwide. This servic

Radar Forecast

Military buyers worldwide are increasing their focus on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. They are seeking new radar systems, such as active electronically scanned array (AESA) antennas, that improve the capabilities of radar through use of electronic transmit/receive modules to increase range and improve resolution. Radars are also being purchased to upgrade air defense networks, and to improve the intelligence-gathering capabilities of UAVs. Radar Forecast provides coverage of 100+ U.S. and international radar systems and programs. Featured are all categor

The Market for Airborne Electro-Optical Systems

This market analysis covers 36 active and developmental electro-optical programs. These programs include development and production of airborne pilot visual navigation and weapon delivery aids, airborne IR/EO countermeasures, automatic target acquisition systems, and high-energy laser weapons. This Market Segment Analysis is extracted directly from our Airborne Electronics Forecast and is designed to provide insightful analysis of niche segments at economical prices. Clients receive the analysis via PDF. The analysis includes 10-year detailed production forecasts, in-depth overview

The Market for Airborne Radar Systems

Airborne radar provides an integral service over hostile and friendly ground. The systems give pilots the capability to engage and identify remote targets, detect and track missile and enemy movements, survey border areas, and integrate information with fellow forces. Meanwhile, civilian users utilize the systems to increase the situational awareness of commercial airliners, enhancing safety. Defense departments and ministries are the primary buyers of military radars, and airlines are the primary buyers of commercial systems.

The Market for Decoys & Dispensers

This analysis is a sampling of the Decoys and Dispensers systems market; it is not inclusive of every surface or airborne Decoy and Dispenser system, product, or technology. Rather, a number of lead products are surveyed to ascertain market patterns. Statistics and monetary amounts only represent systems that are currently in production, indicating where these systems are heading. From these indications and trends, an overall picture of the market is formulated.

The Market for Electronic Attack Systems

This 10-year analysis and projection of the Electronic Attack (EA) segment of the Electronic Warfare market is based on a sampling of key EA systems and manufacturers. Statistical information is broken out by company, with a line item representing multiple contractors that provides additional data on a variety of consortia, joint ventures, and partnerships. Ultimately, its function is to serve as an indication of the major market directions as derived from the reports in the Electronic Warfare Forecast.

The Market for Electronic Support Measures

Drawn from the major Electronic Support Measures program reports in Forecast International's Electronic Warfare Forecast, this analysis covers some of the key programs in the market segment. Many of the systems covered in this report have been in production for a number of years, and their successful use in military operations has only confirmed their necessity. Other systems and technologies, such as infrared (IR) and electro-optic (EO) missile countermeasure systems that exploit the latest in directed-energy technology, are in advanced development. For many of these programs, the prospect

The Market for Land & Sea-Based Electro-Optical Systems

Key land and sea-based EO systems and RDT&E programs and the related contractors are covered in this analysis. The international systems and programs covered herein represent some of the largest and longest-running efforts in the defense industry, as well as some emerging technologies that may signify future growth areas.

The Market for Land-Based Radar Systems

Land-Based radar is a foundational component and integral part of air traffic control systems, battlefield command networks, border security systems, and missile defense shields. Defense departments and ministries are the primary buyers of military radars, and air traffic control agencies the primary buyers of commercial systems.

The Market for Multimission Communications Systems

This Forecast International analysis examines multimission communications systems – military communications systems that could be installed in multiple platforms and configured in more than one way. For example, the PRC-117 could be carried on the back of a dismounted soldier, installed in a vehicle, mounted in a helicopter, or configured on the ground as a base station radio. Multimission communications systems can be sorted into two general categories: traditional and software-operated. Traditional multimission communications systems send and receive communications signals via ha

The Market for Naval Radar Systems

This report analyzes the current naval radar market by studying various radar programs that are currently in production or about to enter production. The programs included in this report are drawn from the reports that Forecast International produces throughout the year. This analysis does not cover every naval radar program in production or development, but rather those systems and programs that Forecast International believes are indicative of trends in the industry.

The Market for U.S. Military Airborne Communications Systems

This Forecast International analysis examines the market for United States military airborne communications systems. This market is defined as airborne military communications systems that are either produced by a United States manufacturer or purchased by the United States. This analysis integrates data gathered by Forecast International from open, unclassified sources throughout the world. The information is collected from government agencies, company officials, industry experts, defense publications, and a variety of other sources.

Recent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Retrofits

Friday, December 1, 2017

by Matthew Beres, Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Analyst, Forecast International. GDC Middle East was recently awarded a contract by Sierra Nevada Corporation to upgrade two King Air 350 aircraft to Special Mission (ISR) aircraft. The two King Air 350s will … Continue reading

UAE’s Potential Mirage 2000-9 Upgrade Expected to Include RDY-3 Radar and TALIOS Pod

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. During Dubai Airshow 2017, held from November 12-16, Thales and the UAE armed forces announced their intention to sign a contract to modernize the UAE Air Force’s Dassault Mirage 2000-9 fighter jets.  Under … Continue reading

S-Cube the Sonar of Choice for New Submarines

Thursday, September 7, 2017

By Richard Sterk, Defense Electronics Analyst, Forecast International. The older generation Eledone (technology- based) sonars such as the TSM-2233 are being phased out by newer sonars like the S-Cube and the UMS-3000.  (The UMS-3000 appears to be the designation for … Continue reading

UTC Aerospace Systems Even More Formidable With Rockwell Collins

Thursday, August 31, 2017

by Richard Pettibone, Aerospace & Defense Companies Analyst, Forecast International. While new aircraft orders have slowed lately, the production of commercial aircraft is exceptionally vibrant.  Airbus and Boeing are maintaining tremendous backlogs, and both manufacturers are ramping up production of … Continue reading

Forecast International Launches Improved U.S. Defense Budget Database

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

by Shaun McDougall, Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International. Forecast International is pleased to announce the launch of a newly enhanced U.S. Defense Budget Forecast database, now featuring the ability to track major program spending and identify winners and losers within every Pentagon … Continue reading

Production of ALQ-99 Jammer Wrapping Up, but Sizable O&M Support Expected

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. Production of Harris Corp’s ALQ-99 airborne tactical jammer is expected to end in 2018, following the production of 34 units from 2017 through 2018.  The ALQ-99 will be superseded by the Next Generation … Continue reading

Australia’s G550 AISREW Program Will Require a World’s Worth of Electronics, But So Far, None from Australia

Friday, July 14, 2017

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. The U.S. State Department recently approved a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to Australia of five Gulfstream G550 Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (AISREW) aircraft, worth an estimated $1.3 billion. … Continue reading

Raytheon’s Multispectral Targeting System in High Demand

Monday, July 10, 2017

by Andrew Dardine, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. Variants of Raytheon’s Multispectral Targeting System are expected to be produced in steady numbers over the next several years for the U.S. and its trusted allies. The MTS is a key component … Continue reading

EMP Threat Not Just a Hollywood Trope

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

By Richard Sterk, Defense Electronics Analyst, Forecast International. The post-apocalyptic effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) are no longer just a plot device in the latest Hollywood techno-thriller. The threat to the global grid is very real and very serious. … Continue reading

With Rockwell Collins in the Mix, Can Brazilian Firms Penetrate the International Airborne Defense Electronics Market?

Friday, April 21, 2017

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. Brazilian companies Savis and Bradar announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to evaluate joint business development for defense applications at the LAAD Defense & Security 2017 conference.  Both companies are … Continue reading

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