The Platinum Forecast System® is a breakthrough in forecasting technology that enables you to select your own unique criteria to create distinct market segments. With Platinum, you can create customized assessments that quickly identify both risk and future opportunities. System types and platforms, currencies, world regions and more can all be input to collect the intelligence that you need, when you need it. Simply select your market, your specific criteria, your forecast period and your currency — and get your results. All results are displayed as bar graphs, pie charts and unit and value of production charts — presented as line items by manufacturer — for instant analysis. All forecast data are complemented by full market reports, Forecast Rationales, Excel spreadsheets, and more.
The Platinum Forecast System® is the only source of market intelligence that provides 15 year production forecasts plus 10 years of historical data.
  • Only source worldwide that provides 15-year forecasts and 10 years of historical data — a 25-year data spectrum
  • Instantly derives and displays current and future markets by units and values
  • Provides current and projected competitor market shares
  • Identifies future opportunities through 2038
  • Trusted by governments and the largest organizations around the world
  • Direct access to our top industry analysts
  • Major subsystem values forecast for each platform
  • Offers longer range forecasts than our competitors, with a better price point
  • Saves time and money. We gather all the data you require, allowing you to focus on analysis
  • Provides an instantaneous executive-level presentation
  • Access to supporting Forecast Rationales
  • Seven currency options for select value computations
  • Allows you to drill down to a host of additional data, as applicable:
  • Over 1,300 Program Reports
    Country Reports
    International Contractors
    Defense and Aerospace Companies
    Defense Budget Forecasts

Aviation Systems
Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Forecast
Civil Aircraft Forecast
Military Aircraft Forecast
Rotorcraft Forecast

Space Systems
Space Systems Forecast - Launch Vehicles & Crewed Platforms
Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft

Electronic Systems
Airborne Electronics Forecast
C5I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber & Intelligence Forecast
Electronic Systems Forecast
Electronic Warfare Forecast
Electro-Optical Systems Forecast
Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast
Radar Forecast

Naval & Underwater Systems
Undersea Warfare Forecast
Warships Forecast

Weapons Systems
Military Vehicles Forecast
Missile Forecast
Ordnance & Munitions Forecast

Unmanned Systems
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Airborne Systems
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Land & Sea Systems

Power Systems
Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast
Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam)

Special Additional Country Modules:
United Kingdom
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