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Gas Turbines for Electrical Generation: Market Projections for 2018-2027

Forecast International's market analysis of gas turbine-powered electrical generation for 2018-2027 projects that sales will total $119.28 billion over this period, an increase of 6.3 percent over the comparable figure for the period 2017-2026. This steady increase shows that the utility and industrial power generation market will continue to provide a strong stimulus for the production of gas turbine machines. However, this rate of increase is significantly less than the rate of increase in demand for electrical power during this period. Global electricity demand is projected to increase by about 85 percent as living standards rise, economies expand, and the electrification of society continues. About half of the projected global growth in electricity demand through 2040 will come from the industrial sector.

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By Stuart Slade, Gas Turbine Systems Analyst
Forecast International

General Electric has been much in the news recently, as it seeks to bolster its sagging financial posture by spinning off many segments of its overall business. Earlier divestitures included NBC Universal, its appliance business, and much of GE Capital – the finance arm that devastated the company during the financial crisis. The company has held on to its aircraft leasing operation, GE Capital Aviation Services, which buys a variety of aircraft from various manufacturers and then leases them to airlines. More recently, GE announced that it will spin off its healthcare division and sell its stake in oil services group, Baker Hughes, best known by its appropriate stock symbol "RIG." GE also sold its distributed power business to private equity firm Advent International for $3.25 billion. The transaction includes Distributed Power's Jenbacher and Waukesha engines, as well as manufacturing sites in Austria, Canada and the U.S. The unit produces reciprocating gas engines that are used to generate electricity in remote locations.

However, the company has wisely elected to retain its world Energy business in which it holds a dominant position in many segments. Illustrative of this is its present and projected position in the world Market for Gas and Steam-powered Electrical Generation Systems.

Commanding Market Position - Analysts at Forecast International, who track world turbine markets in intimate detail, project that over the period 2018 through 2032, in just its Gas and Steam-powered Electrical Generation business, GE Energy will command 46.3% of the world market, valued at $80.78 Billion, while its small subsidiary, GE Oil and Gas, in Italy, will add another 1.25 Billion. All told, GE's market share will total over 47%, with a value in excess of $82 billion! This figure is based on the production value of the installed power systems alone, and does not include the revenues from maintenance and overhaul, spare parts, components, and other special contracting business. As shown, there are many small manufacturers, but GE's major competition will come from Siemens in Europe, with 26.1%, followed by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in Japan, with 12.5%.

Long Term Trend - The growth outlook in this segment is an optimistic one. As demonstrated in the bar graph, the world Power Generation market is currently impacted by an excess of unsold inventory and will experience a short term dip, after which growing world demand for ever more electrical power will absorb this over-capacity and generate a solid growth pattern through 2032 and beyond.

World Distribution by End-User - The second pie graph provides an interesting illustration of the end-user distribution of these systems through 2027. It is noteworthy that while North America and Europe will comprise the largest market for the relatively near term, we expect the relative market share of Asia to grow much more rapidly over time, as China, India, and other rapidly developing countries create new demand for power.

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