Carter Palmer
Senior Aerospace & Defense Analyst

Education: BA, History, The Citadel; MA, History of Warfare, King's College London.<

Carter Palmer has long held a keen interest in military matters and aviation. As an analyst for Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast, Carter specializes in examining key gas turbine programs for electrical power generation, mechanical drive, and marine propulsion applications. He is also responsible for updating the reports and analyses within the Space Systems Forecast – Launch Vehicles & Manned Platforms and Space Systems Forecast – Satellites & Spacecraft products.

Following his graduation from The Citadel, Carter was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study Bavarian history in Munich, Germany. In his travels, Carter was also an English teacher and taught in both Munich and Saint Petersburg, Russia. Carter has taught both private students and employees of companies such as MAN, Volvo and Munich RE. Carter went on to earn his MA at King's College London and interned at the Royal United Services Institute in the NSR (National Security and Resilience) department. In his capacity as Senior Analyst at FI, Carter has attended trade shows and conferences in both the United States and Europe. Carter speaks English and German and has a high level of competence in Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages.
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