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Military Aircraft/Engine Inventories

This authoritative source provides a detailed listing about 68,575 fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including data for approximately 121,570 major engine designations, by country and branch of service. Other vital information includes: aircraft and engine manufacturer, make & model, mission category, phase (active, on order), and aircraft quantity, age, and type. This intelligence is an essential tool for aftermarket suppliers and R&M providers needing to know which aircraft/engines are candidates for replacement or modernization. All military aircraft are tracked, including selected government and Coast Guard aircraft.

This robust database is sortable by any combination of user-selected fields, offers subtotaling, and is compatible with a wide range of spreadsheet programs. Fields include but are not limited to: AIRCRAFT – manufacturer, country, designation, variant, mission, phase, tail number when applicable, TOW, seat quantity, age, and quantity by year; A/C OPERATOR – name, type, country, and region; A/C OWNER – name, country, and region; ENGINE – manufacturer, country, designation, type, age, and quantity by year.

Annual Licensing of Data in Real-Time provides all information through our Intelligence Center via an assigned user name and password. Real-Time Annual License Agreement allows 24/7 access to information, updated continuously. 

Selected Data Runs provide any single military aircraft major designation contact us for details.

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