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The Market for Naval Surface Combatants

This analysis correlates the individual 10-year forecasts of surface combatant construction. It is based on detailed research involving data obtained from open civil and military sources, and subjected to painstaking analysis and verification. This analysis surveys leading programs in order to ascertain market patterns.

This Market Segment Analysis is extracted directly from our Warships Forecast and is designed to provide insightful analysis of niche segments at economical prices. Clients receive the analysis in PDF format via email. The analysis includes 10-year detailed production forecasts, in-depth overviews of the principal market motivators and constraints, and calculations of projected manufacturer market shares by units and value. As an option, clients may wish to upgrade their analysis to include the Complete Data Package.

When you select the Complete Data Package option, you will receive the basic analysis in PDF format via email.  Thereafter, we send you, via express courier, the Complete Data Package.  Benefits of upgrading include a CD containing the full market segment spreadsheet(s) in MS® Excel along with the analysis of the chosen market & supporting reports in MS® Word.  The spreadsheet(s) allows users to insert their own proprietary data for manipulation.  We also provide, in hard copy, the supporting program reports, detailed charts, and a copy of the analysis, complete with 10-year detailed production forecasts all neatly packaged in an executive zipper case. These annually updated products are ideally suited for top-level presentations, and are indispensable for evaluating market potential.

P670 $925.00
  • This Market Segment Analysis is provided in PDF format
  • Delivered via email
F670 $1,850.00

The Complete Data Package includes:
  • Market Segment Analysis provided in PDF format delivered via email
  • Hard copy of analysis complete with 10-year production forecasts & chart package
  • Hard copy of individual supporting program reports inclusive of contractor information and program history, with detailed forecast tables and Forecast Rationale
  • CD containing the analysis of the chosen market & supporting reports in MS® Word
  • Full market segment spreadsheet(s) on CD in MS® Excel, which allows users to manipulate data
  • Executive zipper case that neatly stores all contents

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Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast

In the apparent calm that is today’s ASW environment, the capabilities of submarines are being revolutionized by the introduction of air independent propulsion for diesel-electric submarines, new weapons and sensor technologies, and new silencing techniques. A particularly promising development is the widespread introduction of unmanned underwater vehicles that could take over some of the more hazardous duties now carried out by manned submarines. Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast presents a series of detailed reports on the technologies available for countering the submarine threa

Naval Systems Group Library

FI's Naval Systems Market Intelligence Services cover two distinct markets: anti-submarine warfare and warships. The Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast provides market analysis of the sensors and weaponry used in the detection and prosecution of submarines, while the Warships product covers the full range of worldwide warship programs, including reports on key naval weapons and unmanned surface and subsurface vehicles.

Warships Forecast

Advanced technologies and new operational concepts will drive procurement in the warships market. Warships Forecast contains reports on the key submarine, aircraft carrier, surface combatant, amphibious warfare, and underway replenishment programs that will dominate the warship industry over the next decade and beyond. Each report contains a full design history of the ship, an extensive list of major contractors and subcomponent suppliers, and a wealth of information on the ship’s performance and operational capabilities. Also featured in this service are reports covering key nav

The Market for Airborne ASW Sensors

Aviation assets are undoubtedly the most mobile, flexible and cost-effective ASW systems available to the world's navies. Whether they are shore-based long-range maritime patrol aircraft or ship-based short-range helicopters, aircraft form the primary means of defense against a submarine attack and are the key weapon in an offensive against enemy submarine forces. Both U.S. and international systems and programs are represented in this analysis, with most units either in production or expected to enter production in the near future.

The Market for Aircraft Carriers and Amphibious Warfare Ships

The market for aircraft carriers and amphibious warfare ships includes a range of warships whose primary function is to operate fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft in support of power projection operations. These ships range from the U.S. Navy's 100,000-ton nuclear-powered aircraft carriers that are equipped to operate all types of naval aircraft to smaller ships that are restricted to supporting helicopters and VSTOL aircraft.

The Market for Naval Surface Warfare Systems

The market for naval weapons systems includes both missiles and guns, and it covers those sales likely to be garnered by specific weapons systems already in production or currently in development. Due to the length of the forecast period, an increasing percentage of the market will be taken by systems that do not yet exist or for which inadequate information is available. A comparison of platform requirements and weapons projections shows this gray area to be between 15 and 30 percent of the total, mostly concentrated in the last three years of the forecast period.

The Market for Submarines

An examination of the world’s navies reveals an interesting pattern. When they run out of money, the last capability they abandon is their submarine fleet. Their submarines are seen as the most cost-effective part of their overall fleet and thus are preserved as long as possible. This effect can be seen in the most recent British defense review, where the surface combatant fleet saw savage cuts, the amphibious warfare squadron only slightly less so, but the submarine fleet was preserved intact. This analysis presents the overall trends and market indicators evident in the individ

The Market for Undersea Warfare Systems

The undersea warfare market structure is changing.  The high-cost sector of the market is expanding as new unmanned vehicles, torpedoes, and fire control systems are developed to replace older-generation equipment.  Meanwhile, production of low-cost items like sonobuoys is declining as the need to chase submarine contacts fades.  This analysis is an examination of the systems and competitors that make up the various undersea warfare market arenas and niches.

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