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Our Naval Systems Market Intelligence Services provide 10- or 15-year unit and value production forecasts for anti-submarine warfare systems and the world's warships. These products provide complete global coverage of the major players and details on market trends, plus Market Segment Analyses detailing the top programs in each segment.

An annual subscription to this group library comes complete with two Market Intelligence Services containing 150+ individual reports, 5 Market Segment Analyses, 2 Excel spreadsheets containing unit and value production data, and 13 appendices.

Note: Group library costs include a pre-discount.

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Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast
Warships Forecast
Each Market Intelligence Service comes with a twice-weekly EMarket Alert newsletter sent directly to the user, who is also entitled to a free Query Service in which routine questions can be directed to Analysts.

The Naval Systems Group Library Guides Your Decision-Making by Providing:
  • In-depth overviews of principal market motivators and constraints.
  • Coverage of the competitive landscape, coupled with strategic insights.
  • News on recent developments and on the challenges facing the industry.
  • Regional highlights.
About Forecast International:
  • Throughout our 45-year history, the keys to our success have been the ability to acquire highly relevant and current information from diverse sources around the world, and comprehensively process and intelligently interpret the data in order to perform critical, detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses.
  • Our proprietary databases, continuously updated, contain vast amounts of exclusive global market intelligence information, technical specifications, and market statistics.
  • Forecast International analysts, researchers and consultants bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and perspective to their work. Our goal is to provide you with the market intelligence you need to make sound business decisions quickly and accurately, in the most cost-effective way.

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