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International Contractors

Nearly 7,000 individual aerospace & defense contractors are cataloged, broken out by major market segment such as Aviation, Military Electronics, Naval, Power, Space, and Weapons. Further, this product, authored by Richard J. Pettibone, cross-references more than 2,000 firms by specific components and subcomponents.

This online service, updated continuously, is developed from Forecast International's proprietary database – a culmination of decades of data collection and refinement. It is available in MS® Excel format, with quarterly updates through the annual subscription period.

Product information is delineated into the following data fields:
  • Program
  • Contractor
  • Manufacturer Type
  • Major Designation
  • Component
  • Contractor Address
  • Contractor Email Address
  • Contractor Website

A key part of each subscription is a custom-tailored EMarket Alert newsletter providing the latest news on your market of interest. A sampling of featured articles is sent twice weekly to your email address. An unmatched value.

Your private "Client Query Number" allows immediate access to our Analysts via email or toll-free phone number. An essential benefit when you need additional information or clarification.


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