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A compilation of 6 Market Intelligence Services.

The Force Structures and Budgets services included within this library provides in-depth descriptions of more than 120 national force structures spread across six major regions. Features of the service include detailed manpower summaries for sea, land, and air forces, as well as military equipment inventories. The Defense budget for each country is also examined and a forecast is provided for each.

The Defense & Aerospace Companies services within this library cover worldwide aerospace and defense prime contractors and subcontractors. Concise reports provide data for individual corporations on recent mergers, restructurings, and joint ventures, along with a Strategic Outlook that examines the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Also included in each report are financial and industrial segment data, snapshot coverage of major programs, and recent U.S. Department of Defense contract awards.

Finally, this library also includes the International Contractors series, containing information on thousands of aerospace, power systems, and defense contractors. Data in this two-volume series is organized by company and program and is further delineated into categories such as product, program/platform, and city, state, Website, and country of the contractor.

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Defense & Aerospace Companies, Volume I - North America
Defense & Aerospace Companies, Volume II - International
International Contractors
International Defense Budgets
U.S. Defense Budget Forecast
Military Force Structures of the World

Each Market Intelligence Service comes with a twice-weekly EMarket Alert newsletter sent directly to the user, who is also entitled to a free Query Service in which routine questions can be directed to Analysts.

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