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U.S. Defense Budget Forecast

Managed by, Shaun McDougall, the U.S. Defense Budget Forecast is a streamlined database providing fast and easy access to the Pentagon’s entire acquisition budget. The product features sorting and data visualization options, and presents historical and outyear funding through an online interface with downloadable Excel spreadsheets. This is the go-to service for anyone familiar with the grind of wading through the massive DoD budget.

A new update to this online interactive product allows users to view 10 years' worth of Procurement or Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) funding at a time, comprising five years of historical data alongside the Pentagon's Future Years Defense Program. Historical FYDP datasets are also available, providing final spending data back to 2012. The new feature update also makes it even easier to identify procurement trends by displaying quantity details over time. These 10-year datasets can be downloaded in Excel, allowing users to conduct further analysis or custom data manipulation.

The database includes analytical tools that are capable of identifying the winning and losing programs in the Pentagon's annual budget request, grouping related line items that are scattered throughout the budget to reveal total program acquisition costs, and ranking programs within the budget by value. The latest version of the database includes a new filter that enables these sorting options by market segment, which is particularly useful for identifying opportunities and trends in the difficult-to-navigate research & development budget.

The service also provides real-time tracking of every line item in the Pentagon's acquisition budget throughout the congressional markup process, delivering a clear picture of how legislative decisions will impact program funding. We also expedite your research by offering quick access to program-level justification documents.

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