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Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft

Authored by Carter Palmer, the Satellites & Spacecraft product covers communications, remote sensing, scientific, and navigation spacecraft. Individual reports detail the markets for commercial networks like Intelsat and military systems such as the SBIRS constellation. Satellites covered range in size from small CubeSats to large platforms like the Boeing-702 and SSL 1300. The service also features reports on new market entrants like Planet of San Francisco and OneWeb.

An annual subscription includes 84 individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast. Product comes complete with four Market Segment Analyses, covering the markets for:

What's more, this product includes a U.S. Government Space Budget Overview that breaks out U.S. DoD RDT&E and Procurement funding in visually appealing graphics for easy comprehension.

This product also includes seven appendices, including consolidated production statistics tables and an inventory of operational satellites and spacecraft.

A key part of each subscription is a custom-tailored EMarket Alert newsletter providing the latest news on your market of interest. A sampling of featured articles is sent twice weekly to your email address. An unmatched value.

Your private "Client Query Number" allows immediate access to our Analysts via email or toll-free phone number. An essential benefit when you need additional information or clarification.


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