Global Defense Spending Annual Snapshot
Europe & USA

Gain access to exclusive insights into defense spending trends through Forecast International’s latest white paper, covering regions that collectively influence 56% of the global defense landscape — Europe and the USA.

Europe: Since 2014, Europe has seen a gradual shift in defense spending, but despite NATO's 2 percent GDP commitment, many nations faced challenges meeting the benchmark. The collective reduction in budgets and capabilities left Europe with weakened military structures before Russia's 2022 invasion, prompting nations like Germany and Poland to commit to significant defense budget increases and modernization efforts.

USA: The U.S. remains the largest defense spender globally, with a budget approaching $1 trillion. Congressional increases and aid to Ukraine have impacted defense spending. However, there are challenges, including budget limits, debt ceiling issues, and potential impacts on defense programs.

Download other parts of this series on our White Paper page HERE.

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