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Navigating the massive U.S. defense budget can be a daunting task. Yet staying apprised of the needs and wants of both the Department of Defense and Congress is critical for developing a successful market planning strategy. Time is valuable, and your organization deserves a tool that can quickly give you the data you need. Forecast International's U.S. Defense Budget Forecast product is a comprehensive acquisition database that makes it easy for you to track the flow of U.S. military spending and to identify future opportunities and risk.

Our online interactive service provides real-time tracking of every program in the Pentagon's acquisition portfolio, starting with the request and moving through the six congressional authorization and appropriations markups that occur throughout the year. The service also offers easy access to the Pentagon's five-year spending plan for its Procurement (P1) and Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (R1) accounts, all the way down to the program level. We also offer quick access to consolidated and program level-justification documents, and provide custom market segment filters to facilitate your search.

This newly improved database now includes analytical tools that are capable of identifying the winning and losing programs in the Pentagon's annual budget request, grouping related line items that are scattered throughout the budget to reveal total acquisition costs, and ranking programs within the budget by value.

Interactive online interface that provides fast and easy access to historical, current, and forecast budget data.
Comparison of new budget requests with previous DoD spending projections to identify programs that have gained or lost funding.
Grouping of related line items to display the true cost of weapon system development, production, and modernization.
New sorting tools that are capable of identifying the most valuable programs within the acquisition budget.
Congressional Budget Tracker, which follows every acquisition program through the entire budget process, including immediate access to defense legislation.
A detailed view of the Pentagon's Future Years Defense Program.
Budget Docs, which put current and historical program justification documents at your fingertips — no more digging through thousands of pages of government documents to find the data you need.
Analysis of the President's Request and defense committee markups, which provides critical insight into the Pentagon's acquisition efforts.
Custom Excel downloads.

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