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Forecast International Projects 10-Year $40.6 Billion Land-Based Radar Market

NEWTOWN, Conn. [August 31, 2020] – In its latest analysis of the land-based radar market, Forecast International estimates that the market will have a value of at least $40.567 billion from 2020-2029. This figure encompasses the market's four program life-cycle phases: Pre-Production (RDT&E), Production, Post-Production (O&M), and Mixed (Commingled / Procurement).

The production phase will be the most valuable, with the analysis projecting that contractors will earn $17.560 billion in support of the manufacture of 4,634 units.

The analysis, "The Market for Land-Based Radar Systems," is a detailed study of 40 landmark programs that provide a window into the trends and developments that will drive the market over the next 10 years. It breaks the market down into eight market segments: Air Defense, Air Traffic Control, Early Warning, Fire Locating, Minehunting, Search & Track, Surveillance, and Other. The Early Warning segment will be the highest earning at $16.051 billion. This ranking corresponds with the rollout of several high-profile installations and atypical investment in development funding.

Among the more prominent land-based radar programs examined are Thales' Ground Master series, Saab's Giraffe series, and Lockheed Martin's Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) / SPY-7 Solid State Radar (SSR) family. Industry observers may also be interested in the coverage of the embattled TPS-81 3DELRR and its follow-on SpeedDealer rapid prototyping replacement.

In all, 17 prime contractors with operations in 11 countries are covered. Leading the pack in market value during the forecast period will be, respectively, U.S.-based Lockheed Martin and France-based Thales. The study also covers the lucrative world of subcontracting, assigning a "Manufacturer Varies" designation to programs where multiple contractors might be assigned work on wide-ranging developmental or support programs.

"This analysis leverages Forecast International's over 40 years of experience providing respected and sound forecasting for the aerospace and defense sector," said Senior Radar Analyst C. Zachary Hofer. "We are providing our clients with what we believe is the most comprehensive, program-focused walkthrough of the world of modern land-based radars, examining aspects like the importance of gallium nitride (GaN) components and detailing what impact contractors can expect from the escalation in nuclear saber-rattling and the COVID-19 pandemic."

About Forecast International
Forecast International, Inc. is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Consulting in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics. Based in Newtown, Conn., USA, the company specializes in long-range industry forecasts and market assessments used by strategic planners, marketing professionals, military organizations, and governments worldwide. Forecast International also maintains a high posture of situational awareness and geopolitical analysis.


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