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Complete Military Vehicle Inventories (Tracked & Wheeled)

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Forecast International maintains a worldwide inventory of all types of fighting vehicles. This product, compiled by Dean Lockwood, is among the most extensive available outside of official government sources, and provides an overall picture of a nation’s fighting vehicle inventories. It provides information not only on systems currently operational in a country’s inventory, but also on those that have been retired. Note that for the purposes of our vehicles inventories, we define a combat vehicle as one with the primary mission of inflicting damage on enemy military equipment, personnel, and fixed structures. Therefore, self-propelled artillery is included. A must-have product for aftermarket suppliers who need to know where the equipment is, who operates it, and how old it is.

Fields include: Manufacturer, Designation, Type of Vehicle, Quantity, Country, Region, Engine Designation & Type, Configuration and Remarks.

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