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This comprehensive database pinpoints quantities and types of over 65,972 commercial fixed-wing aircraft, including engine data for approximately 138,115 engines worldwide, by operator/owner and country of operation. Our inventory listing also provides the age of each aircraft so that aftermarkets may be identified. Other information includes: aircraft and engine manufacturer, make & model, type of operator, mission category, phase (active, storage, on order, on option, destruct), and delivery dates for aircraft on order. This product does not track privately owned aircraft, bizjets, or commuter aircraft with fewer than 15 seats. Freighter versions of large commercial transport and regional aircraft are, however, included.

This robust database is sortable by any combination of user-selected fields, offers subtotaling, and is compatible with a wide range of spreadsheet programs. Fields include but are not limited to: AIRCRAFT – manufacturer, country, designation, variant, mission, phase, tail number when applicable, TOW, seat quantity, age, and quantity by year; A/C OPERATOR – name, type, country, and region; A/C OWNER – name, country, and region; ENGINE – manufacturer, country, designation, type, age, and quantity by year.

Annual Licensing of Data in Real-Time provides all information through our Intelligence Center via an assigned user name and password. Real-Time Annual License Agreement allows 24/7 access to information, updated continuously. 

Selected Data Runs provide any single commercial aircraft major designation contact us for details.

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