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This library provides complete coverage of the military electronics systems produced worldwide. It features systems used in the air, on land, and at sea – ideal for those who need information on all facets of the industry. This library also covers the companies that produce military electronics. Electronics are at the heart of virtually every military system at every level, down to the individual warfighters who are increasingly being fitted with a host of devices to optimize their performance. What's more, military electronics, once developed, frequently carry over into civil applications. This library keeps you fully informed on the progression of the world's military electronics systems, from conception to production. You may purchase the complete, optimized library, or tailor your library by adding or de-selecting products, as required. To customize your library, simply uncheck the products you do not wish to purchase, or select additional products to further optimize your library. Note that the cost of each library as shown includes a multi-product discount that is based on purchasing all checked items. When you select/de-select products, the discount will be adjusted accordingly.

Segment Platinum Modules Select Product(s)
Aviation Systems Civil Aircraft Forecast
Military Aircraft Forecast
Rotorcraft Forecast
Space Systems Space Systems Forecast - Launch Vehicles & Manned Platforms
Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft
Military Electronic Systems Airborne Electronics Forecast
C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence Forecast
Electro-Optical Systems Forecast
Electronic Systems Forecast
Electronic Warfare Forecast
Land & Sea-Based Electronics Forecast
Radar Forecast
Weapons Systems Military Vehicles Forecast
Missile Forecast
Ordnance & Munitions Forecast
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Airborne Systems
Unmanned Vehicles Forecast - Land & Sea Systems
Naval & Underwater Systems Anti-Submarine Warfare Forecast
Warships Forecast
Power Systems Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast
Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam)
Additional non-Platinum services to complete your library Select Product(s)
Aviation Systems Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Forecast
International Military Markets International Military Markets - Asia, Australia, Pacific Rim
International Military Markets - Eurasia
International Military Markets - Europe
International Military Markets - Latin America & Caribbean
International Military Markets - Middle East & Africa
International Military Markets - North America
Military Electronic Systems AN Equipment Forecast
Governments & Industries Defense & Aerospace Companies Volume I
Defense & Aerospace Companies Volume II
International Contractors
Military Force Structures of the World
Budgets International Defense Budgets
U.S. Defense Budget Forecast
Optional databases, add as appropriate FAA Aircraft Registration Database
Worldwide Commercial Aircraft/Engines Database
Worldwide Military Aircraft/Engines Database
Complete Fighting Vehicles DB, Tracked & Wheeled
Worldwide Missile Inventories Database
Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine Installations Database
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