Analytical Staff

Daniel Darling
Vice President Market Insights
Richard J. Pettibone
Senior Manager Information Services & Government & Industry Analyst
Derek Bisaccio
Lead Analyst, Defense Markets and Strategic Analysis
Jon Hemler
Lead Analyst, Military Aerospace and Weapons Systems
Carter Palmer
Lead Analyst, Space Systems
Andrew Dardine
Lead Analyst, Military Electronics
Raymond Jaworowski
Lead Analyst Commercial Aerospace
Shaun McDougall
Lead Analyst North America Analyst, U.S. Defense Budget Analyst, and Military Force Structures of the World Analyst
Richard Sterk
Lead Analyst, Naval Systems
Larry Dickerson
Senior Defense Analyst
Thomas Dolzall
Senior Aerospace & Defense Analyst
David Hutchins
Senior Industry Analyst
Douglas Royce
Senior Aerospace Analyst
Nicholas Rakoncza
Middle East Analyst