FY24 US Defense Budget Spotlight

To keep you informed throughout the tumultuous FY24 defense budget process, we are now offering our defense budget spotlight in one easy-to-use dashboard—for FREE.

This dashboard will help provide a glimpse into the FY24 congressional budget cycle and reveal how defense committee proposals will impact Pentagon acquisition efforts.

With dashboard access, you will get:
  • Data visualizations of funding for Procurement (P1) and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (R1) accounts from the Biden administration's FY24 request
  • An overview of markups from the House and Senate Armed Services Committees (labeled as authorization bills in the dashboard) and the House and Senate Appropriations Committees
  • Topline Department of Defense budget figures and trendline since 2015
  • Regular updates with conference authorization and appropriations data when those bills are released by Congress

This is a historical topline budget review. For a more in-depth review, check out Forecast International's U.S. Defense Budget Forecast product, featuring a comprehensive acquisition database that makes it easy for you to track the flow of U.S. military spending and to identify future opportunities and risk.

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