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Forecast International is the leading provider of market research and long-range forecasts for the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics,
and Power Systems industries worldwide.
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Civil Aircraft and Military Aircraft

Civil Aircraft

Features coverage of the A350, 787, 777X, 737 MAX, A320neo, and G650 Learn More

Military Aircraft

Major programs covered:
F-35, A400M, Rafale, T-X Learn More

Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems


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Aviation Gas Turbines

Aviation Gas Turbines

Major programs covered: P&W PurePower, GE90, LEAP, F135, Trent, Eurojet

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International Military Markets & Budgets

International Military Markets & Budgets

Covering 120+ Countries in 6 Regions

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Rotorcraft Forecast

Both military and civil rotorcraft are covered, including the AW139, AW189, H160, H175, AH-64, CH-47, Bell 505, Bell 525, CH-53K, UH-60M, V-22, VH-92, JMR, and FVL

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Missiles Forecast

Programs covered include Hellfire, Patriot, MICA, Iron Dome, and S300 among many others.


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What’s In a Name? U.S. Department of Defense AN Nomenclature Made Easy

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

By Richard Sterk, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. The U.S. Department of Defense’s official nomenclature equipment identification system is formally known as the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), although it is more commonly called the “AN” designation system, referring … Continue reading

On Integrated Phased-Array Electro-Optics – A Landmark Announcement

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International. The announcement of the successful manufacture of a viable non-mechanical, phased-array, electro-optical microchip as part of DARPA’s SWEEPER program is a landmark event. While phased-array technology has been available in radar … Continue reading

Spain Tops-Up Defense Budget as Legacy Program Costs Linger

Friday, May 22, 2015

by Dan Darling, International Military Markets Analyst,  Forecast International. Spain’s government signed off on an additional EUR856.6 million ($975+ million) in defense spending at a convening of the ruling cabinet on May 14. The top-up funding has become an annual … Continue reading

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As Remote Sensing Satellite Deliveries Spike, Small Satellites Increase in Importance

Date: May 27, 2015

Click image for a larger picture

NEWTOWN, Conn. - Forecast International recorded the launch of 63 civil and commercial remote sensing satellites between 2010 and 2014. Launches held steady at a rate of nine to 13 between 2010 and 2013. However, in 2014, deliveries spiked to 20. The ...Read more

Global Hawk to Patrol Baltic Region

Date: May 27, 2015

Click image for a larger picture

TALLINN - NATO will send new patrol assets to the Baltic region. NATO's Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system will be stationed at a base in the Baltic from 2017. A version of the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is ...Read more

Tianjin Airlines Orders 22 E-Jets and E-Jets E2 Aircraft

Date: May 19, 2015

Click image for a larger picture

SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, Brazil - Embraer and the Chinese carrier Tianjin Airlines have signed a final agreement for the sale of 22 aircraft. The contract, with an estimated value of $1.1 billion at current list prices, comprises 20 Embraer 195s and two ...Read more


Aerospace Climbs Into A Supercycle

By: James Detar
Date: 05/15/2015

When Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) said Wednesday that it was upgrading its order for 31 737-700s, due from Boeing (NYSE:BA) in 2016, to larger 737-800s, it fit right into the recent trend driving a historical increase in aerospace demand. .... Read more

Canada's Effort to Boost Defense Spending May Be Too Little, Too Late

By: Shaun McDougall
Date: 05/06/2015

Ottawa has announced a plan to provide the military with sustained annual budget growth of three percent beginning in 2017, providing a cumulative CAD11.8 billion in additional spending through 2026. .... Read more

Unmanned sea systems market entering turbulent waters

By: Forecast International
Date: 05/05/2015

Unmanned naval surface and underwater system production is slated to be mixed during the next 10 years, with Forecast International expecting manufacturers to produce some 29 550 units through 2024. The value of this market over the next decade is $15.4 billion. .... Read more

Drone Makers Hope to Corner Burgeoning Global Market

By: Valerie Insinna
Date: 04/29/2015

Unmanned aerial systems developed and built by the United States have dominated the worldwide market since the technology began proliferating 15 years ago. .... Read more


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