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We respect the privacy of our clients. This official Privacy Policy and Security Statement is designed to help you understand what information we gather and how we use it. In our ongoing effort to improve the services and features we provide to our clients, Forecast International will continue to implement new technologies from time to time. As a result, this policy is subject to change without prior notice. We encourage you to review our privacy policy periodically.


We collect and store information about the pages viewed by all of our web site visitors. We then use this data in aggregate form to identify overall visitor behavior patterns. Our goal in using this information is to improve our site by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our users.

Our Web servers automatically collect information about each visitor who requests Forecast International Web pages, including the internet protocol (IP) address of the user's computer. This IP address allows us to identify your computer on the Internet so that the Web content you request from us can be sent to you. We typically do this in order to demonstrate the amount of interest in our sites and/or to plan for technical infrastructure improvements.

At no time do we provide this aggregate site behavior information to any individuals, companies, organizations, or entities.


If you choose to purchase products from any of Forecast International's Web sites, we require the following information in order to fulfill your order:

  • Name
  • Contact phone number(s)
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Credit card account information

We use this information to process your order and to make sure that it is delivered to you. We request an e-mail address during the order process so that we can send an e-mail confirmation message acknowledging the receipt of your order. This message contains your name, address, the list of products or services you purchased, an order reference number, a confirmation of your shipping method, and the total number of items requested. Please note that this confirmation e-mail does NOT contain your credit card number.


In order to register on — or purchase products from — Forecast International Web sites, your browser must be set to accept "cookies". A cookie is a small piece of data housed in a text file or folder on your computer's hard drive that helps us recognize you when you visit our sites. We use cookies to help us remember things such as the following: 1) the items you've placed in your shopping basket, and 2) the pages you visit as you shop.

The only personal information our cookies can contain is information that you supply yourself. Our cookies cannot read data from other parts of your computer. If you would like more technical information about how cookies work, take a look at

As stated above, you must enable cookies on your Web browser for to function correctly. If you are concerned about information contained in your cookie, you may delete the file(s) at the end of each browser session. View your browser's help file for more info.


  • Links to or from Other Sites — Forecast International may provide links to Web sites outside of as an added convenience to the user. There are also affiliates that link to Any link included does not imply or convey endorsement of the other company or organization, its site, or its products or services. Forecast International is not responsible for the privacy, terms of use, or other policies of any other Web site.


We understand that many clients are concerned about Internet security. Forecast International employs industry-leading technologies to store sensitive information and protect it while in transit over the Internet. The following security statement describes the technologies we use and provides additional details about how we handle sensitive data like credit card information. We want you to be able to shop at Forecast International with complete confidence. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable shopping with us online, we invite you to call us and order by phone: 1-800-451-4975 (US & Canada), 1-203-426-0800 (Outside the US & Canada), Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


We work hard to protect the information that you send to us while it is en route to and from our sites. To provide secure transmission, Forecast International employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology site-wide including those pages that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers. SSL, which is supported by a vast majority of Internet browsers available today, is the most commonly employed method of secure, encrypted communication used on the Internet.

We have also obtained Digicert digital security certificates for all of our Web sites. Digicert is an independent third party that authenticates the identity of others on the Internet. By registering with Digicert, we provide a method of independently authenticating that the entity you are dealing with over the Internet is actually Forecast International.


SSL protects information en route to us. Digicert certificate technology helps ensure that Forecast International is the actual recipient of this information. But we don't stop there — we also work very hard to make sure the information you send us is stored and managed securely once we receive it. All data collected is stored on site and is protected by multiple levels of data and structural security. This information is only accessible to Forecast International, Inc.

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