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Forecast International Publishes Smart Manufacturing White Papers

NEWTOWN, Conn. [January 20, 2020] – Forecast International recently released its two latest white papers covering "Smart Manufacturing" in the civil and military aerospace markets.

The civil and military aerospace industries are undergoing a revolution in smart manufacturing that will offer companies unprecedented ability to adapt to increasingly unpredictable market conditions. Early adopters fuel the market and will undeniably seize market share from late adopters.

Companies must understand the market environment's landscape if they are to exploit opportunities and mitigate the impact of innovative market penetrators. Smart Manufacturing in the Civil Aerospace Market and Smart Manufacturing in the Military Aerospace Market provide a general overview of current smart manufacturing trends in the global aerospace industry and identify markets where smart manufacturing will have a significant influence.

More in-depth quantitative and qualitative data can be found in Forecast International's Aviation Systems market intelligence products.

For full details, please download the FREE white papers here:
Smart Manufacturing in the Civil Aerospace Market 
Smart Manufacturing in the Military Aerospace Market 

About Forecast International
Forecast International, Inc. is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Consulting in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics. Based in Newtown, Conn., USA, the company specializes in long-range industry forecasts and market assessments used by strategic planners, marketing professionals, military organizations, and governments worldwide. Forecast International also maintains a high posture of situational awareness and geopolitical analysis.


Contact Information
Ray Peterson
Acting President, Research & Editorial Services
Forecast International
22 Commerce Rd. Newtown, CT 06470 USA
(203) 426-0800

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